Visualizing Moral Monday Participation

To understand where Moral Monday protestors were from, survey respondents were asked to provide the zip code of their current place of residence. Of the 316 individuals, 311 zip codes were from North Carolina – indicating that approximately 98.4% of the Moral Monday protestors currently reside in North Carolina.

Demographic Makeup

The Moral Monday protestors have an average age of 50.1, with 25% of protestors age 36 or younger. There appears to be a greater representation of females (60%) than males (40%) at Moral Monday protests. Respondent ethnicity reflected general North Carolina population trends: ethnicity was primarily Caucasian (79.87%) with African-Americans (16.93%) comprising the second most populous group.

A Homegrown Movement

The research team interviewed 316 participants asking them the zip code of their primary residence. Margin of error was calculated at +/- 4.56 percentage points (at p=0.95) based on an estimated participation of 1000 individuals (estimate based on prior protests).